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 Hey everybody! I hope all is going good for you in this new year and you are safe and healthy. This year 2020 has been an experience I never thought I would live to see but here I am sitting and listening to my dad's song "STINGER" and wondering if all this violence against black people would just cease to exist. How many more centuries must we suffer at the hands of people who love no one including themselves. The atrocities and injustices that are still happening are out of time. They need to stop because in all actuality all we and probably the rest of the world just want to live in peace.

Now with that off my chest, let me move on.  I want to talk about making the right moves for yourself. I went through a lot in my life just like everyone else but it made me stronger. I had to find out who I was as a person and what I wanted for my own happiness and peace of mind. Recently I made a decision that's going to change my life for the better. This move I'm making will make me happy feeling blessed and highly favored! I think everyone should feel that freedom feeling. Listen to your own thought and your own heart. Let God and the universe guide you. That voice you hear in your head and heart are the spirits talking to you in a language only you and them understand.

Let's all be our true authentic selves and see where that leads us. The only remedy to hate

is love but most of all love for yourself and the ones closest to you.

Take care until next time and remember to continue to work on yourself and make all your

dreams come true! God Bless!

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